Home Heat Pumps & Air Con

Building owners and tenants are now under increasing pressure to provide atmosphere and maintain a physical environment that is safe and legally compliant. 

Hodgkiss Refrigeration can help meet those standards with our offerings of high quality heat pump products, including Fujitsu & Daikin, along with associated installation services.


Hi Wall Split Systems

ASTG Compact

Comprising an indoor, wall-mounted unit and an outdoor assembly,  these two parts can be separated by up to 20m, keeping noise and visibility of the unit to a minimum.


Cassette Systems

Compact Cassette Heat Pump

Maximise space and minimise visual impact by installing ceiling mounted cassette-type air-conditioning units. These unobtrusive inverters are a flexible way to cool any room interior.


Console Systems

Compact Floor Console

Console air conditioning units can be used for low-wall or ceiling suspended mounting. They are a fast and efficient way to cool your living space.


Ducted Split Systems

Ducted Split Systems

Ducted systems consist of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit installed in your ceiling space. Air can be distributed from ceiling unit by ducts to one or more air vents in your property.



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